Residential courses

(non-Partner training courses)

Course fees include tuition, travel to Sydney, accommodation, all meals, and are GST inclusive. Course fees include tuition, travel to Sydney, accommodation, all meals, and are GST inclusive.  No alcohol is to be consumed at meal times during the Course hours.
  • Airfares of all interstate and overseas attendees
  • Buses from the airport and city centre to the location of the courses.

Costs of interstate and overseas participants travelling to and from their local airports and for attendees from the home state to travel to the location of the courses is to be paid by the member firm and not included in travel pooling.


Course fees include an amount to cover  air fares. We estimate the total cost of air fares for all participants to a Course and allocate part of that total cost to each participant to determine the Course fee. This means that every participant pays the same course fee, irrespective of their location and the Course location. Also, there is no benefit in terms of Course fees to any participant. An invoice for the ‘inclusive’ Course fee is sent to each firm, and the firm is asked to pay the fee minus the cost of the air fares. A copy of the invoice for any air fares is to be sent to the ACATG.

Travel from the home city to the city in which the Course is held is to be arranged and paid for by the member firm. Members are requested to send staff using the lowest possible fare structure, i.e. non-refundable, advance purchase fares. High cost fares will not be reimbursed.


Accommodation charges included in the Course fees are based on the actual costs incurred at the relevant location. They are based on twin share rooms (Management Skills – single rooms) and include the cost of all meals during the course. Where it is necessary for attendees to arrive one night earlier than those from the local state, this additional cost is factored into the course fees charged.

Should any attendee require single accommodation for a significant reason this can be arranged, subject to availability, and all additional costs will be recharged.

Accommodation for the Management Skills course is based on single room occupancy. Single accommodation will only be allowed with the approval of the ACATG contact of a Partner in the participant’s firm, and the approval of the Course convenor.

Any incidental costs incurred by attendees such as phone calls, drinks, etc., are to be settled by the individual attendees.

Partner training course

The travel costs of members and their families attending the annual Partners’ Training Course are to be borne by the individual members.


The accommodation costs of members and their families attending the annual Partners’ Training Course are to be paid by the individual members. It is usual for the Group to arrange a conference rate at the location being used for the Course. Some locations prefer to deal with the Group regarding the payment of accommodation charges and others prefer to deal with the delegates individually. Where accommodation is charged to the Group, such costs will be recharged to the appropriate members at cost.


Meals and associated beverages consumed during the period of the Course will be charged to the Group account. The meals covered by this arrangement will usually include dinner on each night and breakfast each morning of the conference for all delegates and accompanying persons, and morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for delegates only during the Course.

Any other food and drinks consumed outside the above functions are to be paid for by the delegates personally.


The costs of the Course venue, equipment hire and costs of obtaining outside presenters will be paid by the Group and treated as an expense of the Group.

Incidental costs such as phone calls, mini bars, valet service, room service, etc., are to be paid for by the individual members.