Given the recent lockdowns in some states, the 2021 Level 2 course will no longer be held in person during the week commencing 12 April 2021. 

Based on discussions with the various facilitators who present at the courses, our preference is to hold this course face to face so that participants get the most out of the courses. We hope to run the courses in person later in the year and will keep member firms updated regarding this.

If holding the courses in person is not possible, we will work towards an online delivery later this year.

Example timing of face to face training:

  • A: Monday XX Month 202X to Wednesday XX Month 202X
  • B: Wednesday XX Month 202X to Friday XX Month 202X

The course is scheduled for the ‘A’ dates above. If the number of participants warrant, a second, identical course will be held on the ‘B’ dates above. A decision on holding ‘B’ dates, or a second course, will be made once registrations are received.

Once a decision is made on whether one or two courses are to be held, firms will be advised and travel arrangements can be made.

No travel arrangements should be made until participants are advised whether or not a second course is to be held, and if so which course they are to attend.

If two courses are to be held, participants will be allocated to a course. If there are particular reasons why a participant should be allocated to a particular course, an ACATG contact Partner should advise the ACATG of this request. You will appreciate that such requests should only be made when necessary. We acknowledge that ‘A’ dates are on a weekend. A preference not to attend an ‘A’ dates course because it is on a weekend will not be considered a reasonable request.

  • Courtney Telega (Accru, Hobart)

The course runs for three days and one evening. The course commences at 4.00pm on the first day with an evening introduction session and is followed by three days of formal sessions. Each complete day is scheduled to run from 9.00am to approximately 10.00pm with breaks during the day (totalling approximately 3 hours).


The course is held at the conference centre attached to Penrith Panthers in outer Western Sydney. Buses will transfer participants to and from Sydney Airport (Sydney participants should make their own way to Panthers). Details of the timing of bus transfers will be provided in the information sent to participants. Accommodation is in the Mercure Hotel attached to Penrith Panthers.

In order to ensure social distancing rules can be applied, for 2021 participants will not be required to share an accommodation room with another participant as has been in the case in prior years.

We are building a contingency for the level 2 courses to be run virtually in early July (timed to avoid clashes with professional exams and peak workloads) should travel restrictions require a deferral. Exact timing for the July courses, if required will be provided as soon as practical.


The course is designed for team members with approximately 3-4 years’ experience.


The aim of this course is to assist candidates in developing their client focus and to recognise opportunities for value-added services.


The course covers a variety of subjects which are discussed under the following general headings.

  • Business plans – introduction to Strategic Planning, Continuous Improvement and Business Plan implementation
  • Client service – developing relationships with clients based on trust, empathy, commercial knowledge and technical competence
  • Client focus – using continuous improvement techniques and performance standards to exceed client expectations and generate fee income
  • Career planning – integrating personal goals, life balance and business goals to plan for a rewarding career.

A formal assessment is not completed on each participant. However, where weaknesses are noted, participants are advised and in extreme cases this is fed back to firms, to address the weakness.

All subjects are presented in a discussion group format. There are a few syndicate workshops, but most of the time is spent exploring new ideas within a group environment.


Dress is casual.


2021 course: $TBC
2020 course: Course not held
2019 course: $2,640

Fees include tuition, travel to Sydney, accommodation (twin share)*,
all meals, and are GST inclusive.

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*to comply with social distancing rules, participants in 2021 will not be required to room share.

Training Course fees include tuition, travel to Sydney, accommodation (twin share), all meals, and are GST inclusive. For more information click here.

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